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About Us

Parker, S. (2003), Dinosaursus: The Complete Guide to Dinosaurs, Quintet Publishing, London, p.220.Outback Gondwana Foundation (OGF) is a non-profit organisation, with Deductable Gift Recipient status, which raises and oversees the distribution of monies towards fulfilling the Foundation’s mission:


“To discover, preserve and display, Outback Australia’s dinosaur and fossil heritage, cultural heritage and natural history, in their native environment, for the education and enjoyment of all.”


Outback Gondwana Foundation also functions as the governing body for the Eromanga Natural History Museum.


The Museum will be a repository and learning centre in Southwest Queensland, which will ultimately accommodate these treasures of the Outback. It will ensure that the region’s heritage is maintained within its geographical area of discovery.


Southwest Queensland is an untapped resource for scientific research. The potential for unique discoveries from the region is substantial and has been proven with the discovery of a new species of dinosaur; several new species of insects and spiders and numerous untouched dinosaur sites and other fossilised fauna sites. Opportunities abound for keen researchers.



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