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Outback Gondwana Arid Zone
Botanical Collection

Collected by three local volunteer landholders who were advised on credible collection methods by Qld herbarium botanist, Tony Bean. The collection consists of original pressed specimens, alcohol/glycerol preserved specimens, full documentation of necessary specimen data and comprehensive photographic record of each specimen. Collection of seed has been carried out where available.

Scientific botanical collection of the arid zone flora from the Lower Cooper Creek Basin is represented currently by over 400 forb specimens, the floral boom of the 2010/2011 ‘big wet’. This collection is being continually added to and documents a valuable record of the incredible health of the land. This comes from the continuing good management and sustainable grazing practises for over 130 years by the local landholders and custodians of Cooper Creek and lower Cooper Creek Basin.

The Outback Gondwana Arid zone Botanical Collection is an extremely valuable collection and when studied further will undoubtedly shed new light on existing and new species of Australian flora The local landholders and Outback Gondwana Foundation recognised that no extensive research into the Lower Cooper Creek Basin’s flora was being carried out, missing this extraordinary window of opportunity to collect representative specimens from the region over an extended period of time. This collection is currently housed alongside the Eromanga dinosaurs in secure refrigerated shipping containers at the Outback Gondwana Field Laboratory west of Eromanga. Ultimately it will be housed and managed at the Eromanga Natural History Museum outside of Eromanga.