Eromanga/Cooper Basin Discoveries


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COOPER’ Australia’s Largest Dinosaur

Based on skeletal remains found so far, ‘Cooper’ is Australia’s largest dinosaur. Named after Cooper Creek and the Cooper Basin where it was discovered. Cooper is Australia’s largest dinosaur and one of the world’s largest dinosaurs. Cooper is most likely a new genus and species of dinosaur and is one of the largest animals to have walked the earth.

Currently the scientific classification is waiting on the bones being housed in the Eromanga Natural History Museum.

Interesting facts about Cooper:

·       Largest dinosaur ever to be discovered in Australia.

·       Cooper is in the top ten of the largest dinosaurs in the world.

·       Cooper’s collection of bones represent some of the most complete giant titanosaur bones


·       At least ten metres larger than any other dinosaur found so far in Australia.

·       Cooper represents a new dinosaur species to the world.

·       Cooper was found on a tributary of the famous inland river system, Cooper Creek in the

Cooper/Eromanga Basin and this is where the nickname came from.

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