Eromanga/Cooper Basin Discoveries


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‘GEORGE’ Australian titanosaur

meaning ‘the king’ or the greatest is possibly larger than Cooper.  Further digs will no doubt tell us more.


Profile of ‘George’

Location: West of Eromanga, South-west Queensland, Australia.

Age: Approximately 95-98 million years ago: Cenomanian Epoch , mid-Cretaceous Period.

Size: George is most likely the same species as Cooper, representing probably a larger individual. Unfortunately George is not as complete as Cooper.

Type: Very large, long-necked plant-eating (herbivorous) sauropod dinosaur.

Formation: Winton Formation, Eromanga Basin.

Classification: A titanosauriform sauropod, most likely a saltasaurid.

Excavation: Only preliminary excavations have taken place at ‘George’s’ site and until further work is done at this site, very limited information is available. Based on large fragments already found this dinosaur was probably larger than ‘Cooper’ making it a truly gigantic dinosaur.