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Scientists Dig Giant Mammal Fossils in Southwest Queensland

Scientists Dig Giant Mammal Fossils in Southwest Queensland Palaeontologists, geologists and fossil enthusiasts are expecting to unearth extraordinary bones next week at one of Australia’s most impressive megafauna dig sites near Eulo, a small town in southwest Queensland.   On 10 June the Outback Gondwana Foundation (OGF), a scientific organisation based near Eromanga, will begin […]

Extant Landscape, Eromanga Basin

10 Queensland Artists have come together to celebrate the diversity and vastness of the Eromanga Basin landscape. Commissions from the exhibition will go towards the Outback Gondwana Foundation Building Fund. The Extant Landscape is expressed through multiple media as the artists work in oil, acrylic, print,paper, perspex, photography, digital, metal and precious gems. The Exhibition will be […]

Major Sponsors continue to support OGF

We are delighted that our major Sponsors, Santos and Beach Energy have again committed to sponsor OGF’s general operations for another year.  The companies have also agreed to contribute funding for the proposed Natural History Museum subject to Federal Government funding approval.  We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of all our sponsors.

Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide

This DVD covering the natural history of Australia can be purchased from the ABC Shop. Scott Hocknull and Robyn Mackenzie make contributions. Cooper makes an impact. Click the above link for details. Check out the video below for a sneak preview of the Eromanga Giants walking past the pub!

AUSTRALIA: The Time Travellers Guide - compilation from Eye Candy Animation on Vimeo.

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An Online Shop has been added to the website to assist in raising funds for OGF's activities.

Media Releases

Dinosaur discoveries depend on farmers

“In western and south west Queensland, they are digging for treasures from the past – and coming up with finds that will keep palaeontologists busy for decades”, says Keiren McLeonard (ABC Bush Telegraph 29 August 2012).  Read the full article here.

Stuart Mackenzie reflects on the journey

In the “Village Green” section of the Courier Mail (18 August 2012), Stuart Mackenzie describes the amazing journey the project has taken him on over the past eight years.  Read about it in “Have Your Say”.

Giant marsupials’ graveyard unearthed in Queensland

Scientists working with OGF say they may have unearthed the fossilised skeletons of up to 40 giant marsupials in south-west Queensland.

Dinosaur finds put state in spotlight

A dinosaur rush is on in the state's far southwest. The remains of one of the largest dinosaurs found in the world and the largest in Australia have been uncovered, with Queensland Museum paleontologists tipping more major discoveries to come.

Second time lucky for dinosaurs?

The backers of Eromanga's dinosaur museum believe they have a strong chance of scoring $1.2 million of RADF funding.

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Media Releases


13 September 2012
9NEWS – $1bn regional fund not frozen: Crean

13 September 2012
THE AUSTRALIAN – ALP taking money from regions: Barnaby Joyce

13 September 2012
THE AUSTRALIAN – Power deal at risk: Rob Oakeshott

29 August 2012
ABC RURAL Dinosaur discoveries depend on farmers

23 July 2012
RADIO NATIONAL Small town misses out on museum funding again

26 June 2012
SOURCEFED – Mega-Wombats Discovered!

22 June 2012
NEWSPOINT AFRICA – Large Fossil Reserve in Queensland

21 June 2012
ABC ONLINE – Giant marsupials’ graveyard unearthed in Queensland

17 May 2012
THE COURIER-MAIL – Dinosaur fossils discovered in Queensland’s south-west put state in spotlight

5 April 2012
WARREGO WATCHMAN – Second time lucky for dinosaurs?

29 March 2012
WESTERN TIME – History museum belongs here

23 March 2012
ABC NEWS – Dinosaur Museum Proponents Fossick For Funds

19 March 2012
OGF – Building a home for Cooper

February 2012
SCREEN QLD – Another day on the road of Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide

13 January 2012
ABC NEWS – Regional Qld projects vie for RDA funds


December 2011
MARANOA ELECTORATE NEWSLETTER – Natural History lives on in Maranoa

28 November 2011
ZOOKEYS – New species of beefly, Palirika mackenziei, discovered at Plevna Downs

8 September 2011
ABC NEWS – ‘Dying’ regions miss RDA injection

28 July 2011
ABC WESTERN QLD – Sid’s the new kid on the dino block

27 June 2011
7NEWS – Searching for Dinosaurs

20 June 2011
ABC NEWS – Call For Dinosaur Museum In Qld’s South-West

11 March 2011
ABC NEWS – Dinosaur museum mooted for outback Qld

10 March 2011
TOURISM QLD – OGF receives funding towards Integrated Attraction Plan


10 June 2010
ABC NEWS – Years to piece together outback dinosaur

31 May 2010
ABC NEWS – Outback dinosaur hunt continues

31 May 2010
ABC WESTERN QLD – Up close and personal with a dinosaur


8 December 2009
TIME MAGAZINE – The Top 10 Everything of 2009

9 November 2009
SYDNEY MORNING HERALD – Dinosaurs roar again on outback tourist trail

1 November 2009
QLD PREMIER’S MEDIA RELEASE – State Govt chips in for dinosaur dig project

26 October 2009
AUSTRALIAN RESEARCH COUNCIL – ARC – $394 M for groundbreaking Australian research

31 August 2009
ABC NEWS – Second dinosaur museum mooted for outback Qld

31 August 2009
ITWIRE – Zac the dinosaur calls Australia home

29 August 2009
DIGITAL JOURNAL – New Species of Dinosaur Discovered in Australia

28 August 2009
EVERYTHING DINOSAUR – Aussie Dinosaurs come Thick and Fast – Introducing “Zac” the Titanosaur

28 August 2009
ABC NEWS – Outback’s Zac could be new dinosaur

28 August 2009
ABC PM INTERVIEW – Outback Zac sparks Aussie dinosaur rush

28 August 2009
OGF – SW Queensland – The New Gateway to Discovering Australia’s Giants

27 August 2009
REDORBIT – Paleontologists Uncover New Dinosaur In Australia

27 August 2009
BBC NEWS – Australia discovers new dinosaur

26 August 2009
BRISBANE TIMES – Meet Zac – Queensland’s newest dinosaur

26 August 2009
THE AUSTRALIAN – Long-necked sauropod fossil found in Eromanga

26 August 2009
ABC NEWS – Another dinosaur found on Qld cattle station


2 July 2008
QLD GOVT Q150 – Q150 – Dig turns dinosaurs into video stars

6 June 2008
OGF – Metre-long bones found in dinosaur dig

6 March 2008
SYDNEY MORNING HERALD – Gondwana dinosaurs rule, OK?


7 May 2007
USA TODAY – 82-foot dinosaur bones unveiled

4 May 2007
SYDNEY MORNING HERALD – Biggest dinosaurs ahead by a neck

4 May 2007
DISCOVERY CHANNEL – Bones of 82-Foot-Long Dinos Found

4 May 2007
HERALD SUN – Dinosaur find of Jurassic proportions

4 May 2007
THE AGE – Stripping back the bones of a massive discovery

4 May 2007
COSMOS MAGAZINE – Australia’s largest ever dinosaur unveiled

3 May 2007
DAILY MAIL UK – How the 100-tonne Titanosaurs stalked Australia

3 May 2007
ABC NEWS – Qld Museum to unveil Aust’s biggest dinosaur bones

3 May 2007
ABC AM Interview – Record dinosaur bone found in Queensland

3 May 2007
QLD GOVT MEDIA RELEASE – Largest Dinosaurs in Australia Discovered