Eromanga Natural History Museum


The Eromanga Natural History Museums collection contains Australian dinosaur and other fossilised fauna and flora from Australia’s newest palaeontological frontier in South-west Queensland, and represents specimens that are “new” to science and some of the largest and most complete dinosaurs in the world.

The Outback Gondwana Foundation provides funds for the Eromanga Natural History Museum to run the annual Eromanga dinosaur digs and the annual Eulo Megafauna digs and is helping to bring these scientifically and unique discoveries to the world

However, dinosaurs and fossils are only part of this unique and valuable collection which also contains amazing examples of the geological, extant floral and faunal diversity and cultural heritage of South- West Queensland.



Through the establishment of the Eromanga Natural History Museum, Outback Gondwana Foundation endeavor’s to build the remote community’s capacity through innovation, education, fresh employment and business opportunities.  The museum will enhance our knowledge of this diverse and complex environment and provide facilities to conduct research and education within the contextual area of discovery. This museum is a public facility open to all to view and discover Australia’s natural history.




Your donation will help ensure that Australia’s fossil, cultural and natural heritage is not lost to science or the Australian community but discovered, preserved and accurately documented for perpetuity. South west Queensland, is a unique region of Australia with so much still to be discovered and recorded… the history books on Outback Gondwana are yet to be written.

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The Outback Gondwana Foundation’s Mission is:


“To discover, preserve and display, Outback Australia’s dinosaur and fossil heritage, cultural heritage and natural history, in their native environment, for the education and enjoyment of all.”


The Outback Gondwana Foundation was established in 2008 and is one of only a few of palaeontologically-oriented not-for-profit organisations in Australia.


Natural Sciences Loop Road

The Eromanga Natural History Museum is located on the Natural Sciences Loop Road in South West Queensland. The loop includes Charleville, Quilpie, Eromanga, Thargomindah, and Cunnamullla.

The sights along the way include the diverse areas of astronomy, geology, paleontology, cultural heritage, history, and the unique flora and fauna of the region.

South-west Queensland remains a largely untapped resource, in terms of scientific research. The potential for unique discoveries from the region is substantial and has already been proven, with the discovery of: a new species of dinosaur; several new species of insects and spiders and numerous, as-yet-untouched dinosaur sites and other fossilised fauna sites. Opportunities abound for keen researchers in the scientific community.



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