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Outback Gondwana Foundation ©The Society’s aims are twofold. Firstly, the Society endeavours to facilitate and promote the excavation, preservation and research of South-west Queensland’s palaeontological and natural history record. Secondly, the Society plays an important role in educating the public.

A wide range of activities are facilitated by the Society, from lectures and field studies for members to scientific research and publication of Outback Gondwana Newsletter, the annual Society Newsletter.

The Society was founded in 2007 and is one of only a handful of palaeontologically-oriented societies in Australia. It runs the Eromanga Research Field Station and Dinosaur Preparatory Laboratory and will act as the public research body for a proposed regional natural history museum for South-west Queensland.


The Society holds ordinary meetings by prior notice and Management and Committee meetings as required. Details of Ordinary Meeting minutes will be made available to Members, on request, via email.


The Outback Gondwana Newsletter is emailed to members annually. This publication contains information for members and regular news about the Society, the proposed Regional Natural History Museum Project and developments in the field.

The newsletter also includes commentary on the local fauna, flora and geology. Recent articles include New Species – Goblins of the Bush, Cultural Heritage Sites of Durham Downs, Fossilised Flora, Fire of the Desert and Conserving a Historic Photograph.


The Society undertakes active collection and conservation of its discoveries from across several sites in the South-west Queensland region. New material is constantly being discovered. The Society is particularly involved in active research in the palaeontological field, being responsible for the discovery of items of national and international importance including type specimens. The Outback Gondwana Newsletter disseminates these research findings and brings to the attention of the public other literature in which the research findings are discussed.


Cooper/Eromanga Natural History Society Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation, which operates under the parent body, Outback Gondwana Foundation Limited.

Outback Gondwana Foundation proudly supports:

‘Cooper’ Australia’s largest dinosaur*

*As represented by skeletal remains.

Eromanga Dinosaur Project

‘Cooper’ Australia’s largest dinosaur & more

Biodiversity South-west Project

Discovering many new species