Outback Gondwana Foundation

The Outback Gondwana Newsletter is emailed to members annually. This publication contains information for members and regular news about the Foundation, the proposed regional natural history museum project and developments in the field.

The newsletter also includes commentary on the local fauna, flora and geology.


Outback Gondwana Newsletter Volume IV

2011 Edition

Special Points of Interest:

  • Visitors Day
  • 2011 Research Expedition

Outback Gondwana Newsletter Volume III

November 2010

Special Points of Interest:

  • Science & Art
  • Eromanga Dinosaurs
  • Searching for Wallabies in Idalia
  • Eromangasaurus – Qld’s own Loch Ness Monster
  • The Perfection of Collection

Outback Gondwana Newsletter Volume II

14 August 2009

Special Points of Interest:

  • New Species – Goblins of the Bush
  • Cultural Heritage Sites of Durham Downs
  • Fossilised Flora
  • Fire of the Desert
  • Conserving a Historic Photograph

Cooper Eromanga Basin Natural History Society Newsletter Volume I

31 January 2008

Special Points of Interest:

  • Progress on ‘Cooper’
  • Artists in Residence
  • New Species – Beefly
  • Wood Moths
  • Starting your own insect collection