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The sponsors of the Outback Gondwana Foundation help ensure that Australia’s fossil, cultural and natural heritage is not lost to science or the Australian community but discovered, preserved and accurately documented for perpetuity.


Outback Gondwana Foundation is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) so donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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Our Sponsors

People who are helping us make a difference



Since May 2006 Santos has been the Eromanga Dinosaur Project’s major sponsor, generously supporting the excavation and preparation costs involved in excavating Cooper, Australia’s largest dinosaur.

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Beach Energy has been an Outback Gondwana Foundation sponsor. As a Cooper/Eromanga Oil and Gas explorer and producer, Beach has a vested interest in what lies under the ground and in preserving the heritage of the region

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Beach Energy:



Queensland Museum has been involved with the Eromanga Dinosaur Project since 2004 and more recently, the Biodiversity–West Project , providing technical and scientific support. Special thanks goes to the QM Geoscience team at Hendra, Joanne Wilkinson, Scott Hocknull, Dr. Alex Cook, Kristen Spring and Deb Lewis.

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Queensland Museum:
OGF at QM: Cooper & George



Ralph Walker, Proprietor of Eromanga Contracting, Eromanga Cafe and Eromanga Motel has made available to the Eromanga Dinosaur Project excavations, a 30 tonne excavator and JCB backhoe. These machines have proven to be essential pieces of equipment at the digs, to date they have unearthed ‘Cooper’ Australia’s largest dinosaur and now the latest new dinosaur ‘Zac’ and possibly another at the same site. Eromanga Contracting is the major earth moving business in the Eromanga district, with a fleet of machines that meet the needs of earth moving and mining projects in Western Queensland.



Eagle Gallery and Bush Camp Pty Ltd saw the need for a large marquee for the Eromanga Dinosaur Project’s Excavation Camp. Their generous donation of the 20m x 12m Marquee, also benefits the wider community, providing a portable venue for housing regional events. Eagle Gallery also proudly supports the arts. Quilpie Shire will soon be home to a new ‘state of the art’ regional gallery that will proudly showcase South-West Queensland artists’ works, including renowned local artist Lyn Barnes, and collections of Australian iconic art works.



Recognising a shared vision by numerous community bodies in the South West region to promote the area’s natural diversity and resources, SWNRM elected to contribute financially towards the planning stage of the Regional Natural History Museum Project.

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Bentleys connection with rural Australia goes back a long time, providing quality services as chartered accountants and business advisors. Chartered accountant/partner, Brendon Murray (Director OGF) is keen to nurture these rural connections by providing pro bono advice and services to OGF.

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Quilpie Shire Council is a long standing supporter of the flora and fauna fossil recovery work being undertaken. The Shire has indicated a willingness to assist in preparing the future site for the building of the Eromanga Natural History Museum. This will include the installation of road, electricity and water as in-kind donations, as well as other incidental, ad-hoc support. The Council has also kindly agreed to auspice an expression of interest application to seek Regional Development Australia funding to build the Eromanga Natural History Museum facility.

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Explorer William Landsborough was one of the first to recognise the potential wealth and diversity of opportunity in the Paroo Shire when he passed through the area in 1862. The rich plains and river flats found in the Shire were ideal for sheep and cattle grazing, these industries have since played a key role in the growth and the Shire in its exciting beginnings to its position as a rural centre today.


Queensland Museum and Griffith University palaeontologists, working with the Eromanga Natural History Museum have been working on an amazing find in the Eulo area. Fossils found are from the Pleistoscene epcoh era (100,000  years old). Paroo Shire has provided support to help with the costs of excavation and preparation of the bones from ‘Kenny’ the Eulo Diprotodon.


For more information about the Paroo Shire, please visit



dm2 architecture logodm2architecture are an evolutionary architectural and interior design company based in Brisabe. They have previously provided professional services for the Eromanga Natural History Museum and have provided input into the latest documents for the RDA funding application pro bono.

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Mitchell Brandtman is a Brisbane-based Quantity Surveying company. They have previously provided professional services for the Eromanga Natural History Museum and have provided input into the latest documents for the RDA funding application pro bono.

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Mitchell Brandtman



A Q150 Community Funding grant will contribute to the production of an audio and visual record of the Eromanga Dinosaur Project. Q150 grants are awarded to projects which reflect the unique culture, heritage and aspirations of a community, in celebration of Queensland’s 150th Anniversary.

For more information about Q150, please visit



For the Mackenzie Family, the decision whether to pursue the dinosaur discoveries unearthed on their property, “Plevna Downs”, was never a difficult one. Being in a position to contribute something to the scientific community at a national and international level and to provide an unique opportunity for the South-West Queensland region, was enough to see the Mackenzie Family take the plunge into unknown territory and start a very long and exciting journey.

For more information about Plevna Downs Pastoral Co. please visit,



Bill Pegler, has been a dedicated and loyal supporter of the Eromanga Dinosaur Project. Bill and his team, in particular Malcolm Ebsworth, Liz Towns and Keith McGlashin have tirelessly contributed significant amounts of time, skill and resources to the project since 2006. Many of the camp facilities at the Dig Site are provided by Bill ensuring the difficulties which can be endured in these remote locations is kept to a minimum, leaving the team to focus on the task at hand, unearthing Australia’s fossil heritage and Australia’s largest dinosaurs.



Elizabeth (Libby) has been a tireless supporter of OGF and brings many professional skills to the Foundation. We are fortunate to be able to draw on her experience in the areas of palaeontology field and laboratory work, as well as her administrative skills in the running of OGF and its associated projects. We thank Libby for her unwavering support and belief in a project that she hopes will bring many benefits to the South-west Queensland and scientific communities.


Our sincere thanks goes to our many other volunteers and supporters who have unconditionally contributed so much towards making OGF’s projects successful.


Both past and future successes are largely dependent on the support that individuals and organisations commit to the project.