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Update History


23 February 2012

Updated Homepage sidebar menu to point to Newsletter archive

Rearranged the sidebars so that the Products Page supports the Shopping Cart correctly

Switched Contacts Page to point to the News sidebar


22 February 2012

Added Eromanga DInosaur Project video to Discoveries page

Added additional pages for Discoveries & updated menu

Started updating Discoveries pages

Added base structure for Natural History Museum page & sidebar

Added Natural Sciences Loop expandable image


21 February 2012

Tested YouTube video embedding

Added flash video support via plugin


20 February 2012

Added Beefly image to Biodiversity page

Added CEB/NHS PDF to Newsletters page

Replaced Lyn Barnes art with “Finding Cooper” painting


17-20 February 2012

Migrated OGF email to Google Apps


18 February

Added links from homepage and menus to “Discoveries” page
Added Beefly to Biodiversity and Media Release pages

Started expanding “Eromanga Dinosaur Project” page with more recent finds


17 February 2012

Added Animated GIF on Web Administration page as Featured Image
to prove be can animate the Featured Image on each page if desired


16 February 2012

Added Web Administration page


 14 February 2012

Added dm2architecture to Sponsors page

Added Mitchell Brandtman to Sponsors page


07 February 2012

Installed components to support 2nd monitor on Anita’s home office PC

Upgraded Anita’s home office wireless access point


16 February 2012

Researched and purchased components

to support 2nd monitor on Anita’s home office PC


03 February 2012

Meeting to discuss website

– attended by Anita & Serena

Installed wireless access point for Anita’s home office


31 January 2012

Revised order of News & Media Releases side bar

Started adding News updates


30 January 2012

Updated Media Releases with discovered pages


28-30 January 2012

Researched online media releases


18 January 2012

Made Artists page & sidebar available online


17 January 2012

Updated header with new logo and text provided by Tell Creative


05 December 2011 – 07 January 2012

Working as IT support for Woodford Folk Festival


01- 02 December 2011

Prepared new artists page and sidebar

– made available onlne Jan 18 2012


28 November – 30 November 2011

Investigated online shopping plugins

Installed WP e-commerce

Added first product & tested process

– still to be made available online


29 November 2011

Met with Hyperactive Design staff in the Gold Coast

– Handover of website maintenance from HD to OGF

– Confirmed how to update OGF header with new logo

– Determined how to add new sidebars

– attended by Scott, Sharif, Michael & Serena


28 November 2011

Added Quilpie Shire Council to Sponsors page


23-25 November 2011

Travelled to and attended OGF planning meeting in Charleville

– attended by Anita, Stuart, Rob, Karen, & Serena


22 November 2011

Updated Sponsors sidebar with same logic as Staff/Board page

Updated Scientists sidebar with same logic as Staff/Board page

Added Beach Energy to Sponsors page


21 November 2011

Request sent to Hyperactive Designs

– to update logo

– to migrate email addresses to Google Apps

Fixed broken link and incorrect email addresses in Contacts page
Updated Board of Directors page with active links


18 November 2011

Meeting to discuss website and sign volunteer document

– attended by Anita & Serena


15-16 November 2011

Read online WordPress documentation


14-15 November 2011

Personal review of existing website


October 2011

Conversion of website to WordPress content management system

by Sharif & Michael of Hyperactive Designs


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